Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies


This Recommendation letter for higher studies is written by an individual or some authority on behalf of a student who aspires to secure a place in an institute of higher studies. This kind of letter is usually required for programs that are popular with limited places. A good recommendation letter on the student can lend weight to secure a place in the desired program. Many institutes ask for a recommendation letter from the student to be able to confirm their admission in the institute.

Keep the tone polite and respectful. You could attach the academic documents of the student or any type of certificates. Try to convince the receiver in a subtle way about the competency of the student that you are recommending. Make sure that you don’t make any type of grammatical or factual error and hence check for the same.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of the same.


Maria G. Dickinson,

General Manager,

Grand Bridge Hotel.

2836, Riverside Drive,
Carlton, Georgia 30627

Date: May 29, 2010


Prof. Timothy King

Hospitality & Services,

Carlton University

Carlton, Georgia 98392

Subject: Recommendation for James Bunyan

Dear Sir,

I, Maria Dickinson, the General Manager of Grand Bridge Hotel, would like to recommend Mr. James Bunyan to your esteemed Hospitality & Services program at the reputable Carlton University for this fall semester.

Mr. Bunyan has been a part-time staff at Grand Bridge Hotel for two years completing two summer internship hospitality programs with Grand Bridge Hotel. Mr. Bunyan has a very pleasant personality that is most suited for the hospitality industry, and after his time with Grand Bridge, he is very much convinced of a career in hospitality.

Having observed Mr. Bunyan’s passion in this industry, I have no doubt that he will excel in your hospitality program, and in this industry, of which Grand Bridge Hotel is willing to sponsor his tuition. Not only he is academically good but he also has a stellar performance record in extracurricular activities.

Completing his higher studies from your university will be very beneficial to his profile. This degree will later be helpful to him and it will be a great help to the company as well.

We hope to hear favorably from you on Mr. James Bunyan’s admission status. I hope you will give him the opportunity to study in your esteemed university.

Respectfully Yours,

Maria G. Dickinson,

General Manager,

Grand Bridge Hotel.

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