Recommendation Letter For Employee


A Recommendation Letter for Employee is written by a former employer on a request by a certain employee who wishes to leave the organization for a better opportunity in another organization. The letter shall prove to be influential in providing a desirable position to the employee who wishes to leave. Therefore, the letter should be written very professionally and without any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

A Recommendation Letter for Employee should describe in detail the roles and responsibilities of the employee at the current organization. The skills and the qualities of the employee should also be mentioned in the letter to convince the new employer that the employee is a deserving one. The writer may choose to include certain significant achievements of the employee at the organization. All the details about the employee should be mentioned correctly. The letter must not incorporate any such information which may not be true about the employee.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Recommendation Letter for Employee.


John Berger

Human Resource Executive,

Berger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

76-Cavendish Avenue,


United Kingdom



Nikoloz Pynchon


Stellar Network,

23-Devonshire Street,


United Kingdom

Subject: Recommendation – Timothy Auster

Dear Mr. Nikoloz Pynchon,

I am writing to you to recommend Mr. Timothy Auster as a suitable candidate for the position of Sales Coordinator at your reputed organization, Stellar Network. Mr. Auster had been working as the Sales Representative at our organization, Berger Technologies Pvt. Ltd., from MM/YYYY to MM/YYYY. We feel proud to have him dedicate his complete service to our organization.

His term of employment here has brushed up his skills greatly. Mr. Auster had been responsible for direct sales, channel sales and most importantly corporate tie-up activities. Along with his splendid communication skills, he had also been an active element in marketing and business development. He has expertise in analyzing the latest trends in the market. However, his greatest qualities lie in his hard work and dedication to ensure that all the projects handled by him are completed on time. Throughout his employment here, I have always been impressed with his capabilities as well as services.

Mr. Auster shall be a fine candidate to serve all your roles and requirements for the position. I hope that you will consider my recommendation for him. I believe that you will observe the same dedication in his work. For any queries, you can contact me on my email ID,

Thanking you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

John Berger

Human Resource Executive,

Berger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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