Receptionist Job Cover Letter

Introduction :

The work of a receptionist is of great value in any organization. We always need someone to guide the outsiders when they visit the organization for the first time, or even the regular ones need help at times. A receptionist deals in a direct manner with the clients/customers which make them feel confident at a new place. It is important to assign someone to attend to other basic office work like attending the calls, connecting them with other departments, etc. That is why a receptionist is needed.

A receptionist job cover letter is a formal letter attached along with the resume where one mentions to works as a receptionist for any company or organization. The letter mentions the person’s desire to become a receptionist and also the qualities that would make him/her a good one. People prefer female candidates for they have more pleasing personality.


Sample :

The following is a sample of receptionist job cover letter.



Shilpa Sharma,

G-7, Green view hills colony,

New Delhi.



Muskan Saluja,

HR Executive,

Willis Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Receptionist Cover letter.

Dear Ms. Saluja,

I saw the advertisement that you posted for a receptionist job, and I am writing this cover letter for applying for the same.

I have worked as a receptionist for six years for John Bohem corporation. As you know, the corporation is over 20 years old and one of the busiest in our country, I have worked under pressure with some phone calls to answer and other important things to attend to. I have also dealt with clients on a regular basis to guide them about our organization. I am proficient in spoken and written English, Hindi & French.

In addition to my communication skills, I have a good knowledge of computers too and can easily use Microsoft office tools and perform other basic function in the computer system. Since a receptionist is expected to make entries into the system, I have a good typing speed too which helps me complete the typing work as fast as possible.

I stopped working post my marriage to take some time off. However, now I wish to rejoin and do the work I have enjoyed the most.

Thank you for taking time to read my application. I shall be awaiting your interview call.

Yours sincerely,

Shilpa Sharma,

G-7, Green view hills colony,

New Delhi.

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