Receptionist Application Letter


Receptionist application letter is written to apply for the post of a receptionist by a person. The receiver of the letter the manager or head of HR department. In this letter, you should attach your resume and reference letter if any. You should clearly state your previous work experiences and strength. Through the letter, the recipient should feel that are you are the right Candidate for the job. Write the letter in the format as required by the company.

Write the letter in the format as necessary by the firm. As it’s a formal letter, keep the tone professional and straightforward. The letter should be concise and make sure it is free of any grammatical or spelling errors. At the end of the letter, thank the recipient for giving you his or her time. In the letter,  mention the skills which make you the ideal candidate for the job.


Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of Receptionist Application Letter.



Susan Sharma

2256, Kormangla






Samantha Chandra,

Recruitment Manager,

Hotel Intercontinental Ltd.,



Subject: Receptionist Application


Dear Miss. Chandra,

I, Susan Sharma, write this letter to apply for the post of a receptionist. I came across an advertisement in the newspaper regarding the vacancy of a receptionist in your hospital. I am currently working in Devanshi hospital for the past three years and have worked for two years in Apollo hospital.

As Devanshi is a huge hospital, I could easily deal with multiple patients at a time and also well versed with the computer and know Microsoft and Excel as well as also well adapted to the digital mode of payment and can understand the online appointments very well.

I Am enclosing my resume which has all the details regarding my educational qualifications and past work experiences for your referral. I sincerely hope that I will get a chance to be a part of your team and my profile matches your requirements. Please send me an email or call me on the telephone number mentioned in my resume in case of any queries.

Thank you for giving your time. I Look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,

Susan Sharma

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