Realtor Introduction Letter


A realtor introduction letter is written to build a stronger client base. Basically, through this letter, you try to introduce yourself or your firm or a colleague to the client with details of new properties in the market and the current developments in the real estate business. This letter will help in increasing your client base as the customer will feel important and impressed through your letter. It will take you a notch higher amongst others in the market.

The letter is written in a formal tone, with a touch of friendliness. It should contain your details regarding your firm or individuals. It should be concise and free of any grammatical errors. Put only genuine information in the letter about the state of real estate. It could contain details of residence, price range, etc. Do include good wishes for the client in the end and thank then for their time.

Sample Letter:


Harsh Celly

Celly Properties






Priti Sharma

Karol Bagh



Dear Miss Sharma,

I, Harsh Celly, write this letter to you to inform you about my real estate firm in your neighborhood. After having had my branches all over Delhi, I have come for the first time in your area. Luckily, I have already found some enthusiastic clients and helped two of them to find their dream place. I write this letter to enquire if you wish to sell your house in Karol Bagh. I have heard about your offer making rounds in the market, and I can guarantee you the best offer amongst everyone. I can also help you in looking for new place.

I have been in this business for almost two decades and cater to all kinds of budget, I have everything for everyone. I feel happy in getting to know my clients and working with them to find them their dream home.

Please feel free to contact me either through email or you can also msg me on my number. I am attaching my details. You can also drop by my office if you find the time.

I am looking forward to a positive responce from your side.

Respectfully yours,

Harsh celly



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