Real Estate Marketing Letter


A real estate marketing letter is written by a real estate firm or a real estate professional to a potential buyer who has shown interest in buying a property. The letter is a marketing letter which persuades a potential client or customer to assess the property and make a decision to purchase it. The letter should include details about the property- its location, its proximity to the city center, its purchase value, its dimensions etc. The letter should indicate customer preferences.

The letter is written to a potential customer, and not to the potential market as a whole. Therefore, the letter may seek to personalize the needs of the market. The letter must include contact details of the real estate firm or real estate professional if the client wishes to contact the firm or professional. The letter should use marketing tools like marketing mix and segmentation of the market to be more effective. The letter should be formal and precise.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Real Estate Marketing Letter.


Abigail Adams,


Park View Real Estates,


Date: 22 July 1776.


John Green,

Park View,


Subject: Real estate information letter.

Dear Sir,

As per your browsing preferences on our website, I have taken the liberty to write to you about a great property that suits all your preferences. The property is located in West Park, Utopia and is 2 kilometers from the city center. This ensures ease of commute. There are three schools within a one-kilometre radius of this property, which are all highly regarded. The property includes a  built brick bungalow that dates to the 1960s. The bungalow includes 5 bedrooms, 6 washrooms, kitchen, foyer and a backyard with a swimming pool. The previous occupants of the property have been a former governor of Utopia and his family.

The property has a retail value of 250,000 USD as on 21st March 1776. Our firm ensures that you receive the best quality service and the best quality real estate. Therefore, the registration fees which usually amount to 5% of the price of the property will be waived, if you decide to purchase the property within 90 days from the receipt of this mail.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further doubts. We are always happy to assist you in choosing your dream home.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Abigail Adams,


Park View Real Estates.



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