Purchase Agreement Cancellation Letter


A Purchase Agreement Cancellation letter is a letter written to cancel a Purchase deal that was earlier agreed by two parties. The letter may be written by whosoever wants to cancel the agreement, i.e., either the supplier or purchaser. The letter should clearly mention the reason for the cancellation of the contract. The other party can move to court if you do not provide them with good cause for the cancellation of the agreement. Also, make sure that the letter is sent at the earliest. A delay in sending the letter can cause a huge loss.

It is a business letter and should be written in a very formal way. Do not beat around the bush. Write things in a very clear and to the point way. Also, make sure that the letter is sent to the officer who is in charge of the deal or possess adequate knowledge of the deal.

Sample Letter


Rohit Ravi

Assistant Manager

M.N Book Publishers


30 January 2017


General Manager

Roy Paper Mart

Navy Mumbai


Subject: Cancellation of Purchase Agreement

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this letter on behalf of M.N Book Publishers. This letter is in the Purchase Agreement that was signed by Supriya Devi, Managing Director of M.N Book Publishers and Roy Mathew, Managing Director of Roy Paper Mart on DD/MM/YYYY. We, at this moment, inform you that we have decided to cancel the agreement with your company.

According to the agreement, you were to provide us with the required amount of fine quality publishing paper every week for a year. But the paper we have been receiving for the last four weeks is of very poor quality. We are also highly disappointed with the untimely delivery of the order. Though we had notified you of the same before, no appropriate action was taken from your side. Thus, owing to the above-stated reasons we have decided to cancel off the agreement with your organization.

We kindly request you to fill the Purchase Agreement Cancelation form so that we can move to further proceedings. Please send the invoice for the products till now at the earliest. Also, please note that we will not be making payment for any product delivered hereafter. For any clarifications or more information regarding the cancellation, you can contact Ms. Purvi Shekhar, General Manager of the company or drop her mail at purvishekhar@mnp.com.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Rohit Ravi

Assistant Manager

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