Proposal Rejection Letter

Proposal Rejection Letter



When one is rejecting a proposal, be it in writing or oral, personal or professional, it is very important to be polite while turning down the other party as many times this may cause ill will and relations to sour. There is a fine line between rejecting a proposal and being impolite, one must carefully tread this area as, even though one is rejecting the current proposal and turning down a future business relation, at a later date, one may need the individual or company one is rejecting currently. Hence, it is very important to maintain professional and courteous tone.  At the same time, it is also very important to be unambiguous in the rejection. The reasons for turning down the proposal must also be mentioned.

A Proposal Rejection letter can be written by an individual or a company that receives a proposal for an event or a task but now responses with a rejection of that proposal. The letter should contain the reason(s) for the rejection or may offer alternatives to favor a business collaboration.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Proposal Rejection Letter.



Edwin A. Taub

Project Manager

Wise Base Industry

958 Court StreetMaryland Heights, MO 63043

Maryland Heights, MO 63043





Aaron T. Lambert

Ocean View Solutions

4748 Shobe LaneFort Collins, CO 80524

Fort Collins, CO 80524


Dear Mr. Lambert,

Re: Proposal Rejection

This letter is in response to our correspondence regarding the tender you had submitted. Firs, we would like to thank you for your proposal on redefining our company’s computer systems as stated in your suggestion dated DD/MM/YYYY.

After careful deliberation by the Board of Directors of Wise Base Industry, we feel that your proposal is not substantial enough to support the vast and diverse needs of Wise Base. Price wise also we felt your proposal was not on par with the others. We had clearly stated we needed an in house team of experts for a period of 3 years, which you had difficulty providing and automation in the process, which you are unable to provide at present. You have not captured the needs of Wise Base Company accurately enough despite meeting up with the Wise Base Company staff as well as management at various levels a few times.

Hence, this letter serves to inform you that Wise Base Industry is rejecting your proposal. The tender has been awarded to another party. Thank you for your time and consideration in presenting your solution.

We wish all the best in all your future endeavours.

Yours truly,

Edwin Taub

Project Manager.

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