Proposal Letter To Offer Services


A Proposal Letter to offer service is a letter written by a company or individual with a proposal to offer their services to another organization. The letter is mainly used during in two instances – firstly, with a proposal to offer your services to a new customer; secondly, with a proposal to offer a new service to your existing client. The intention behind both is the same which is to gain a contract from the other party.

The letter is a purely Professional business letter and should follow a formal style and tone. The letter should be written in a very impressive way to gain the contract or deal. But you should never exaggerate things as this would lead to unnecessary expectations in the customer which could later lead to disappointment. Also, you should refrain from writing a very lengthy letter as the receiver may not have enough time to go through the entire length of the letter.

Sample Letter


Way to go Marketing Services,

South Delhi,


27 January 2017


Refresh Soft Drinks and Beverages,

Navi Mumbai,



Subject: Digital Marketing Service Proposal

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Way to go Marketing Services. As you know, over the years we have established ourselves as one of the leading names in the Marketing industry. Having almost eight years of experience in the Marketing industry, we have now decided to step into the Digital Marketing industry. As the whole world is going digital now, we felt that it is necessary that we too keep up with the pace. We have also hired experts from the Digital marketing industry.

As you have also launched some new products, we believe our Digital Marketing services would be extremely beneficial for the promotion of your products online. Having associated with you in the past, we also feel that this would be a great opportunity and learning experience for our new team too. Thus, we hope both of us will be able to benefit from the association.

We now offer services like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Optimisation, Content writing, etc. You can choose services as per your wish from the services available.  All our services are available at affordable prices. More details regarding the service will be available at request. You can contact us at 0091-********** or drop a mail at

We look forward to a positive response from you side

Thanking You,
Yours truly,

Priya M.

Sales Head

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