Proposal Letter To A Company


A Proposal letter to a company is a letter written by an individual or an organization proposing a new business deal with another organization or business. The proposal can be a new investment plan, sales deal, a vendor proposal or other business proposals. The letter plays a vital role in gaining new business deals and so should be well-crafted. This is essential to the growth and success of any organization.

The letter is a business letter and should strictly follow a formal style. You should briefly explain about your organization, business prospects and how the proposal would benefit both parties. While writing the letter keep in mind that you have to create that much-needed impression with the letter. You should also ensure that the letter is not very lengthy as the receiver may not have enough time go through the entire length. Keep the letter short, clear and to the point.

Sample Letter


J.P Builders

S.K Towers

M.G Road


17 April 2017

OnetoTen Enterprises

7th Cross

Panampilly Nagar


As you know we, J.P Advertisers, have established ourselves as a leading name in the Advertising sector. We feel this is the best time to indulge in new ventures. On behalf of the company, I would like to inform you that we are stepping onto a new venture, J.P Human Resource Services.  It is with immense pleasure that we invite you to be a part of our investment by investing in it.

With J.P Human Resource Services, we aim to provide high-quality HR and recruitment solutions to the clients. J.P Human Resouce Services will act as a mediator between the recruiter and experienced candidates, making sure the right people get hired to the right places. We also plan to offer various short-term vocational courses to fresh graduates looking for a job. We have also hired people who have years of experience in the field.

We have bought a fully-furnished office space near our current office for our new venture. We believe in giving our workforce the best that we can. Your investment will be used for the payment of their salaries.  We expect to provide our investors with a  9% Return on Investment (ROI).

You are one of the most likely and respectable investors of the time. Investing with us will only help you grow both regarding reputation and financial aspects. Attached is our business proposal. More details will be available on request.


Praveena Sathish

Assistant Manager

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