Proposal Letter To A Client


Doing business requires one to maintain a friendly relationship with their clients so that they continue their investment in the firm. For this, the firm needs to stand out amongst thousand others and prove as to why it is the best deal a client can get. Thus, they propose their plans, as well as certain advantages of doing business with them usually through a letter, also called proposal letter. It is clear that this letter needs to be attention grabbing so that the client is motivated to continue business with you. The letter must use polite language and should be encouraging enough for the customer to accept the proposal.

This is a formal type of letter written in the professional field. It needs to be precise and brief. It must mention the advantages and pros that working with them has over other similar firms. One must mention all the proposed details in a clear manner. The letter should be easy to understand. Talking in points helps to eliminate the monotony of the letter and makes the reading much easier. This letter is a great opportunity for you connect with the client as well as to seal future affiliations with them. Your company name, address and other relevant details must also be mentioned. Also, specify the person that the client must contact to if further interested. This letter must be sent timely or else you may lose the customer to someone else. Use our sample letter below to write your letter.



Suyash Roy

Gupta Handlooms




Mr. Arun Kapoor


Kapoor Textiles


Dear Mr. Kapoor,

We at Gupta Handlooms are thrilled to have the chance to submit a proposal that helps you further your marketing base. In the enclosed proposal, we have outlined the various ways and strategies this alliance between our firms would encourage new customers to deal with you as well would cut down your market costs.

After a thorough analysis of the sales process, we believe that by applying our theory, you company will be able to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Enhance and leverage word of mouth marketing
  • Improve marketing ROI’s
  • Rationalize the sales and after sales processes
  • Target new customer segments, including the untapped local client base

This would enable you to increase revenues by almost 35% and create an optimal arena for direct marketing of future projects.

The enclosed proposal includes in depth information on how we aim to help you achieve the same. We hope that you would consider this alliance with careful analysis. We hope for a positive response.


Suyash Roy

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