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A project proposal letter is written by any organization, entity, firm or by an individual proposing for a new project idea or concept that they want to get materialized, passed or get implemented. The project proposal letter is either written to an organization, potential sponsors or clients to get funds for the project or approval of the higher authority. The content of the proposed project should focus on the betterment of the society and should be drafted at the early stage.

The proposal letter for the project is a formal letter, so you are expected to write it in a short and precise way with the clear and exact reason. Still confused how to write the letter, have a peek at the sample letter of Proposal Letter for Project to get an insight Idea for writing it on your own. 

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Proposal Letter for Project.


L.C. Chauhan,

Project Manager,

AdiPLabs Estate Services,

Park Avenue, Kolkata,




M.C. Plunder,

Finance & Marketing Manager,

AdiPLabs, Kaveri Tower,

Shraddhanand Road,

New Delhi, IN-300081.

Subject: Proposal Letter for the project to be restarted.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform that the Green Mall Project has come to a standstill which has led to a huge loss for our company. Had the project been completed in time our company would be gaining huge bonus. There is an urgency to look at this project and increase the funds for the regulation of project.

It’s my sincere request to have a look, in my opinion, the population near the city is growing rapidly, and our project will not only earn huge benefits but it will help the locals to get everything easily under one roof. This will generate employment among the inhabitants. If you look forward to our project proposal idea, do let us know, we will schedule a meeting for its implementation process and show you the proposed design.

I hope to get a positive reply from you soon so that the project can be started in full swing at the possible early stage.

For any queries or problem feel free to ping us at +91********* or drop your email at We will be more than happy assisting you.

Thanking You.

Yours truly,

L.C. Chauhan

Project Manager,

AdiPLabs Estate Services,

Park Avenue, Kolkata.

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