Proposal Cover Letter


When a company writes to another company proposing to offer a service, then it is called a ‘proposal cover’ letter. It is a highly formal letter and hence has to be written with the utmost care. It is better to divide the letter into three paragraphs, namely the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The letter conveys a give and take deal, such that the proposing company proposes to do work in exchange for an appropriate service.

The letter has to be kept precise and clean. The tone of the letter, while being formal must also be convincing enough. This would make sure that the client is impressed and chooses the company over other similar offers. The letter basically outlines the qualities of the proposing company; it is, in fact, an indirect advertisement of the company’s skills. Often this is done subtly and selectively so that only relevant portions of the company’s achievements are showcased.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a proposal cover letter.


Stanley Jones,

Managing Head,

Pink Steels,

S.A Street


21st March 2017


Jones Achu,

AKG Pipes,

New Street,


Subject: Proposal for services.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Pink Steels!

This letter is in correspondence with the advertisement that had appeared in ‘The Hindu’ dated 20 March 2017, on behalf of your company asking for reputed steel suppliers. We at Pink Steels are very much interested in associating with you. Pink Steels is a very reputed institution and is the recipient of the ABC prize for the past three consecutive years. We have already become the go-to steel merchandise for a lot of companies. And we urge you to consider our high-quality, well-reputed steel for a difference.

We understand perfectly that this is a temporary contract and hence is liable for cancellation any time. However, our reviews from our perfect customers would convince you well enough that in the case of Pink Steels, there won’t be any such incidence. Our steel is made of high-end technology and we make sure that we only deliver the best at all times.

I am also attaching a catalogue along with this mail, containing a list of all our specialities and finished contracts. We would love it if you consider our proposal and write back to us soon. In case a face-to-face meeting is required, then please do let us know about the same. If you require a steel sample, then do feel free to contact us at 423423894283.

Yours Sincerely,

Stanley Jones
Managing Head


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