Proposal Approval Letter


A proposal approval letter is a response letter from an individual or company to another accepting the proposal put forward by the sender. The sender writes the letter to inform the recipient of his or her positive response to the proposal sent earlier. This letter has to be written with utmost care since it is a highly formal letter and it functions as a sort of ice-breaker between the two companies involved.

It is better to structure the letter into three paragraphs, namely an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. You should keep the letter crisp and do not forget to mention important details such as reasons why the proposal was approved. These details are usually written in the main body of the letter. The introduction part, in the meantime, will contain the news that the proposal has been approved. Make sure you do not make any grammatical errors in the letter.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a ‘proposal approval’ letter.

Jem Gurudas,

Project Manager,

Accounts Section,

IIT Madras,



Asha Purushothaman,


1983 Stark Hollow Road,


Subject: Approval of proposal

Dear Asha,

Greetings from the Accounts Section, IIT Madras!

On behalf of IIT Madras, I am pleased to inform you that the management has studied through your proposal of creating a new boys hostel in the area opposite to Taramani Guest House and adjacent to Cauvery Hostel. Our Management is pleased with your project and feel and that it is a highly practical solution to the problem at hand.

Our management is quite satisfied with the efficient utilization of space, as seen in the blueprint you have attached. There were a few concerns, however to the current layout presented. In the light of the floods we faced last year in the month of December, we are implementing a more efficient drainage system within the Institute, and we would like to know how the new hostel would incorporate these differences. The team here were also concerned about the number of trees that would have to be felled to make space for the vast space required by the Institute. We would like to meet you in person so that we can arrive at a consensus about the concerns we had. Please do write back to us, indicating a time that would be suitable for you.

As mentioned in our previous correspondences, you will be paid as in regulation 29 © (please see attachment below). We expect your full cooperation in the coming three months. Please do acknowledge the reception of this letter.

Thank you and congratulations!

Yours Sincerely,

Jem Gurudas


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