Proposal Acceptance Letter

Proposal Acceptance LetterIntroduction

A Proposal Acceptance letter in the business environment refers to the company’s decision to accept another business’ proposal that was earlier received. After having studied the second party’s business proposal, the sender can write this proposal acceptance letter to inform the recipient the good news. This will foster better business collaborations between the two companies.

It is imperative for the party on the receiving end to go through all the details of the proposal. The proposal should be studied clause by clause with the aim of raising discussions and deliberations on the same with the other party. It is advised to mention a follow-up meeting on the response letter so that the details of the proposal can be discussed once in person as well. In the case of any changes or disagreements, please highlight the previous clause along with a side edit, highlighting the particular change you would like to carry out.



Towers Enterprise

381 Turkey Pen Lane
Columbus, AL 31901



Lambert Insurance Corporation

1028 Stone Street
Fort Collins, CO 8334

Dear Sir / Madam

Re: Proposal Acceptance

This letter is written in response to the business proposal letter extended to our company by yours, dated DD/MM/YYYY. Herewith this letter is to inform Lambert Hardware Corporation that Towers Enterprise has studied the proposal on Health Insurance for Towers Enterprise employees by Lambert Insurance Corporation.

After much deliberation, Towers Enterprise is pleased to accept your proposal to ensure all of its employees according to the agreed terms and conditions stated in your latest proposal dated DD/MM/YYYY, with reference BIE-9392.
The company would, however, like to arrange a meeting, where the board of directors of both companies can meet and discuss all the relevant clauses of the proposal in person and raise discussions as well as deliberations on the same. This meeting could be scheduled for the first week of February. Please let us know a time and place that is convenient and suits you.

Towers Enterprise would be happy to sign the contract of agreement as soon as it is ready with this proposal acceptance letter. We look forward to an efficient and professional service from Lambert Insurance with this agreement. We are sure that with your credentials, both companies will be able to benefit mutually from this agreement and revolutionize the working of this industry.

Please liaise with our Legal Department on the contract of agreement details.


Arnav Jain


Towers Enterprise



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