Promotional Letter


A promotional letter is a letter which is sent to an employee by his boss informing his or her of his promotion. A promotion means an increment in position held by the employee in a company. Usually, the information of a promotion is either given in the form of mail or a letter. A promotion letter also appreciates the employee for his work which had impressed the seniors of the company to give him a promotion. The employee is being rewarded for his work in the form of a promotion. Promotion also marks an increase in the salary of the employee which is considered very good for the career.

This is an official letter, and it is being sent by a company so it must be error free and should be written in the correct format and in a formal way. It should mention clearly about the position granted and the increment in salary. It should be written in a polite manner.

Sample Letter:

The sample Promotional Letter is given below:


Patrick J. Davidson

Senior partner

Harvey Davidson

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801



Ryan Mulligan

Senior Assistant

1086 Hedge Street
Millington, NJ 07946

Dear Ryan,

Sub: Promotion due to exceptional work

This letter has been sent to you to appreciate your remarkable dedication towards the firm. The firm appreciates your hard work, and so the senior partners have all decided upon promoting you from the position of a senior assistant to the junior partner of the firm. The senior partners are very impressed with the number of cases you won this year and the number of clients you brought in. It is wonderful seeing a young talent like you in the firm after such a long time. You have inspired a lot of your colleagues as well. We think you are ideal for the position of a junior partner in our firm. We have also considered an increment of 30% on your salary.  As a celebration of your promotion, the firm gives you a leave of 7 days so that you can celebrate this big step in your career with your friends and family.

I hope you keep working this hard and keep impressing all the senior partners. Keep up your commendable work.

Thanking You,

Patrick James Davidson

Senior Partner

Harvey Davidson

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