Promotion Request Letter

Promotion Request Letter



Sometimes, employers may overlook promoting certain employees or else not promote them in time. In such cases, an employee writes to the management requesting a promotion. A Promotion Request Letter is an official letter written by an employee who feels that a promotion is due or necessary for him/her and hence, he/she takes the initiative to write to management requesting a promotion which may be required for the nature of his/her responsibilities or task.

A Promotion Request Letter provides the sender with an opportunity to bring to light his/her skills, achievements, responsibilities and efficiency at work being done. She/he might then inform the management that he/she considers himself/herself worthy of a promotion and put in a request for promotion. This letter can also be used to enquire after the reasons why he/she was not promoted in the first place. In short, it deals with requesting a promotion to the management.


Sample Letter


Jimmy Allen Myers

The Acting Foreman

Crown Industry


Date: 14 April 2017



Richard Lionel Johnson

The Managing Director

Crown Industry


Subject: Request for Promotion

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I, Jimmy Myers, now serving as Acting Foreman in the Production Department, am writing this letter to you, Mr. Richard Lionel Johnson, the Managing Director requesting you for a promotion to the post of Foreman in the Production Department. When Mr. Sam Smith retired from his Foreman position on 14 February 2017, I was requested to take on his post and thus became the Acting Foreman of the Production Department. I kindly ask you to promote me to the office of Foreman of the Production Department.

I am honored to take up the responsibilities of Mr. Smith as he has trained me as required during the last two years. However, from my past two months’ experience as Acting Foreman, the subordinates are not very cooperative with me and have belittled my authority. Nevertheless, I have managed to ensure that all productions are running smoothly to meet the required targets.

It will be easier if I am confirmed as Foreman to run the Production Department more efficiently. Hence, I would like to request a promotion for myself quickly as there is a huge project coming on next month and I would like to ensure the full and willing cooperation of all the staff.

I hope that you will consider my request favorably to upkeep the right image of the company.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jimmy Allen Myers


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