Promotion Recommendation letter

Promotion Recommendation letter


A Promotion recommendation letter is usually written by an immediate superior to recommend one of his/her subordinates for promotion after an appraisal for the year end of the company. If there are available vacancies and a certain subordinate has performed outstandingly, it is natural to the immediate superior or supervisor to submit a recommendation for promotion on this subordinate to the management for promotion consideration. In certain situations, the employees may themselves ask you for a recommendation letter to supplement their application. Regardless of the scenario, one should try to aid the success of another employee if you feel they deserve it.

A Promotion Recommendation Letter is a formal letter like any other and hence must adhere to the required guidelines pertaining to the format. The contents of the letter must expand on why you believe that the candidate deserves a promotion to a higher office, listing out their outstanding qualities as well as your personal experiences while working with them.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Promotion Recommendation Letter.



The Management

Barkers Convenience Stores (Head Quarters)

4329 Tori Lane

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Date: 28th March 2010



Richard E. Williams

Store Manager

Barkers Convenience Stores (Raleigh outlet)

4546 Stratford Court

Raleigh, NC 27615


Subject: Promotion Recommendation for Mr. Joel Sullivan


Dear Sir / Madam

It is my delight to inform you of the outstanding performance of my staff, Mr. Joel Sullivan at the Raleigh outlet of Barkers Convenience Stores. Mr. Joel Sullivan has been serving the Raleigh outlet of Barkers for 3 years; he has proven himself to be an extremely hardworking, confident and reliable young man who learns new skills quickly and without any complaints or a bad attitude.

I understand that there is currently a vacancy for the role of Assistant Store Manager at the Raleigh outlet with the retirement of Mr Michael Banks last month. The Raleigh outlet is a famous store in this neighborhood, and I would like to recommend Mr Sullivan to be promoted to Assistant Store Manager from his current position as a  General Aide.Mr. Sullivan would be able to assist me in managing the store, especially during the peak periods as I train him personally over management responsibilities. I hope that you will approve my recommendation of promoting Mr Joel Sullivan to the Raleigh outlet Assistant Store Manager.

Please feel free to contact me for further clarifications and doubts.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Richard E. Williams.

Store Manager.

Raleigh outlet, Barkers Convenience Stores.

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