Promotion Letter

Promotion Letter


A Promotion Letter is written by the company for two purposes: an employee is moved to a higher rank in the company, or it is with regards to the awareness of a company’s products. An employee promotion letter is to inform the employee of his newly appointed position whereas the product promotion letter is to create awareness of the company’s product to boost its sales. In case it’s a product promotion, inform them clearly about what is to be done including details such as specifications, task dates, and deadlines, etc.

An employee might be given promotion on the basis of his experience and his dedicated service to the company or on the basis of his excellent performance in lesser time. A Promotion letter must have a happy and an encouraging tone. This letter has to be written in a professional manner and should be kept formal. It should thank the employee for their services and commitment and that it is a pleasure having them in the company.

Sample Letter:


Ben Harper

Managing Director

Fuller Enterprise





Linda Harrington

Fuller Enterprise


Dear Linda,

RE: Promotion letter

It is my pleasure to inform you of your promotion to Senior Manager from your current Manager position in the Research Department of this company. Allow me to extend my heartiest congratulations on your new posting which the management felt you have performed exceedingly well these few years to warrant this promotion. It feels like just yesterday that you joined this office and see now! I hope you keep reaching new heights of success in your life. Your commitment and dedication have indeed paved the way for all the younger employees and needless to mention that the company goals are being met at the same time.

Your new posting will be effective from February 12, 2010. There is no change in your line of reporting. Your duties will include the current responsibilities of your Research Department as well as the corresponding departments of our three branches.

We are looking forward to greater achievements from you and your teams in the coming years. Continue working with the same dedication and energy and keep motivating all the younger employees.

Again, congratulations.

Ben Harper

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