Promotion Letter to Employee


A Promotion Letter to an employee is given by the company to inform the employee the good news of his/her promotion. The letter states the new designation for the employee with congratulations as well as motivational phrases to encourage the employee to continue to excel in his new position.

This letter is written by the manager or higher official of the recipient. The writer can mention the reason why he or she is promoting the recipient. Mention the recipient that you believe in him or her, and you hope that the recipient will perform up to your standards. You may mention the process to take up the new post if there is any. In the end, once again congratulate the recipient for being promoted and wish him or her all the best for his or her future.

Sample Promotion Letter:


Ben Harper,

Human Resource Director,

Elegant Group of Companies.



Linda Carter,

Division Secretary,

Elegant Group of Companies.

Dear Linda

RE: Promotion to Group Secretary

I am Ben Harper Human Resource Director of Elegant Group Companies. On behalf of Elegant Group Companies, I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been promoted to Group Secretary for Elegant Group Companies and I am delighted to tell you that. Congratulations on your selection to the new position. It is a position of high esteem and great responsibilities. As you are an experienced and hard working person, the company thought you are suitable for this post, and you deserve it. As you are being promoted, you will have more responsibilities and work to do.

Your new designation will take effect on DD/MM/YYYY. You will be reporting to the Group Director, Mr. Alan Bell on the 5th floor. Your new office will be located on the 5th floor. The working hours remain the same, and the portfolio will be sent to you soon. If you are having any doubts regarding this letter, you can consult me directly or leave me a mail, on The company looks forward to your continued stellar performance in your new position. Hope you shall continue your excellent work in this post also and help the company for its welfare. I wish you all the best on behalf of the enterprise.

With Regards

Ben Harper,

Human Resource Director.

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