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A Reply Letter is written as a response to someone who wrote a letter to you in the past for some reason. A Promotion Reply Letter is written to your boss or head in response to the promotion letter he or she sent to you.

You should mention your boss that whether you are accepting the promotion or not. In case if you are accepting it then mention that you will never disappoint him or her and never make him or her regret the decision. Also, mention that you would work hard even more from now onwards as you will have more responsibility from now. In the end, Thank him or her for believing in you and for promoting you.

Sample Promotion Reply Letter:



Tata Consultancy services

Hitech City


Date: 2/6/2016



The Manager,

Tata Consultancy Services,

Hitech City,


Re: Promotion Reply Letter

Dear Maneesh,

I received my promotional letter two days back which says that I got promoted to Software Engineer in our company. All the hard work paid off and I am glad to accept this promotion. Its proud moment for me to have this position in our esteemed company. I am very lucky to have it within a short span of my service and I thank you for recommending me to the post. It’s so encouraging for me knowing that my work was impressive and will promise to give my best in this new position.

I know that from now onwards my responsibility will increase and will have more work to do. As I am adaptable to any working environment, I assure you that I will work hard and will try to contribute to the welfare of the company. I will never disappoint you and the company members. I never make you think that your decision was wrong.

Please let me know the process to take over the new position. I request you to help me in the starting days of as a Software Engineer. Once again thank you for believing in me and choosing me for this position. Can’t wait to take charges as Software Engineer.

Yours Sincerely


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