Promotion Letter From Employer

Promotion letter from the employer is written to employee announcing his or her promotion. In this letter, you can start by congratulating the employee and then proceed to give them the details of their new job profile. You can inform them about the increment in their salary as well as the roles and responsibilities that are associated with their new post. You can appreciate them for all the hard work did  to reach this position.

As it is a formal letter keep the tone of the letter formal. Keep the letter to the point and concise. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter. In the letter, you can tell them the day and date when their new duty starts and also mention about the hike in their salary. You can also mention that how their promotion will serve as an example and inspiration for others to work with equal determination and hard work. You can end the letter by wishing them the best for their new roles and responsibilities.

Sample :


Deepak Singh

Celly Enterprises,




Priti birgi

Associate Manager,
Customer Relations,
Celly enterprises,

Dear Ms. Priti,
We from the team of Celly enterprises would like to inform you that you have been promoted from the post of Associate Manager to General Manager of the company. We would like to congratulate you on behalf of the whole team. It makes us very happy to give this option to you as you have been our valuable employee from the day you joined. Your promotion will come in effect from DD/MM/YYYY, with basic monthly salary will now be Rs 80, 000 a month.

Your new profile will allow you to handle the Gurgaon branch independently. You will lead the team on your own now and will be reporting directly to the head now.

Your hard work, dedication, sincerity is much appreciated and thus suitably rewarded. We hope that this will inspire other employees in the office too. You have always been a pleasant person and an excellent team worker. We have never received any complaint against you.  Your manners and motivating nature have always been an example for all other employees. The way you always smile and are ready to help others are some of your most endearing qualities.

We hope you will prove to be even better in your new role. The company and your career will rise together to new heights, and for this, we extend our best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely

Deepak Singh

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