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If you are someone who is enrolled in any sort of an institution then the sight of people around you getting promoted must be common. And when such a promotion makes its way for someone, then congratulations are in order. This congratulatory message can be diverse, short and simple or even long and detailed. In the end, it all comes down to your relationship with the person being promoted.

The letter in question here is about a close friend congratulating the individual about their recent promotion from an associate consultant to a managing consultant. It is a big moment, so try making the person feel as special as possible. Ensure that their fruits of labour are clearly highlighted in your message and that their hard work is finally paying off in the form of a promotion. Convey in every way you possibly can that the person is worthy and deserving of the promotion.



Daksh Chop

HSV Consulting

Phase 5


Date: 5th July’17

From :


HSV Consulting

Phase 5


Subject: Congratulations on your Promotion!

I recently heard the great news. Congratulations on being promoted from an associate consultant to a managing consultant! This is a huge deal Daksh. Quite honestly, I saw this coming. And would also like to say the biggest “I told you so!”

But yes, needless to say, I am extremely proud of you. Nobody deserves this promotion more than you. I remember you being the first one to come to office in the mornings and last to leave. It is not only hard to find people with a calibre of your kind but to find someone with hard work & determination with your level of calibre is extremely proud. I look forward to many more years association and learning with you!

This is a huge moment, and we should all celebrate together. I was thinking we could go try out the newly opened Food Yumm restaurant around the corner this weekend. Let me know if you don’t have any plans for Friday night; I will try getting the rest of the team on board as well.

Also, Meg asked me to let you know that she has scheduled an orientation meeting with you tomorrow at 3 pm. She hopes to discuss your new projects and responsibilities at length with you. The details of these projects will be discussed with the entire team soon. The team you will be briefing from now on!

All the best!

Your friend


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