Promotion Announcement Letter

Promotion Announcement Letter


A Promotion Announcement Letter is usually written in a memo form and is circulated to all employees within the company to inform them of the latest news of achievements in the company. A Promotion Announcement Letter addresses all employees with news of the latest promotions exercised on one or more deserving employees. All employees are requested to offer their full cooperation to those who have been promoted.

A Promotion Announcement Letter should congratulate all the employees who have been promoted for their excessive hard work and results. The letter should essentially mention the designations to which the employees have been promoted. The letter should be concluded by congratulating the employees once again for their success as well as encourage the other employees of the organization to work harder and attain amazing achievements. Nevertheless, the letter should be written in a formal manner and any kind of mistakes should be avoided.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Promotion Announcement Letter.


The Management,

Universal Powers Corporation,

1-Waverley Pl,

London NW8 0NP,

United Kingdom



The Staff

Universal Powers Corporation,

1-Waverley Pl,

London NW8 0NP,

United Kingdom

Subject: Announcement of Promotion 

Dear Employees,

After the recent appraisal exercise and with careful consideration, the Management of Universal Powers Corporation is pleased to announce to you all about the recent promotions of the following employees. In no particular order, they are as follows:-

1)      Ms. Sarah Jane Lowe – promoted to Secretary (Sales Department)

2)      Mr. Jay Colby – promoted to Foreman (Productions Department)

3)      Mr. Roy Watson – promoted to Wireman (Technical Department)

4)      Ms. Hannah George – promoted to Service Manager (Sales & Services Department)

5)      Mr. Graham Bulwark – promoted to Senior Accountant (Finance Department)

Their promotion will take effect immediately. Everyone shall be briefed on their new or additional responsibilities by their respective superiors. It is our kind request to all the employees to extend their full cooperation and understanding to these achievers for the greater success and their significant contribution to the growth of our organization. We are very proud of them. Their enthusiasm and consistent efforts have brought to the company great fame. We hope they will handle their new responsibilities with the same passion and keenness.

The management, once again, congratulates these employees for their excessive hard work, the results of which can be seen today. We also believe that our other employees too would be inspired by them and work to the best of their abilities and be successful.

We look forward to your continued stellar performance to this organization.

Congratulations on your promotion!

The Management

Universal Powers Corporation

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