Promotion Acceptance Letter


An Acceptance Letter is written to an individual, a business organization or company which offered a business deal or employment opportunity. This letter is written to inform the recipient that you are accepting the offer or deal that was proposed. This is a formal kind of letter.

Promotion Acceptance letter is a letter written by an employee to his or her boss or a higher official.  It is a reply letter written by the employee to inform the recipient that he or she is accepting the promotion that is offered lately. While writing the letter the subject should be mentioned compulsorily. It is better to mention that you will work hard from now onwards even more for your responsibilities have increased. Assure the recipient that you will not disappoint him or her for the decision taken.

Sample Promotion Acceptance Letter:



Assistant Sales Manager,

Capital Sales Company,





Sai Kiran,

The Manager,

Capital Sales Company,



RE: Promotion Acceptance Letter

Dear Sai Kiran,

Good Morning, sir, I am Nikhil working as an Assistant Sales Manager in our company. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am accepting the promotion you have offered me. I am extremely happy and motivated about the promotion. I have been doing my work properly from the first day I joined. I always hoped for a promotion, but this came to my surprise. I am happy that my hard work paid off. You have also supported me always with work. I will be thankful to you throughout my employment career.

I will work hard even more from now onwards and try to keep your belief as it is. I assure that I will never disappoint you and never make you regret the decision you took. As I am taking charges as a Sales Manager, I would like to know about all my duties and the responsibilities as well as intimate me the date when I will take the charges. Once again thank you for promoting me. Will do my best for the company.

Yours Faithfully,



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