Project Acceptance Letter


A ‘Project Acceptance’ letter is a response letter from an individual or company to another that has invited or granted the sender a project, task or tender. The sender writes to inform the recipient his positive response. The letter may affirm the terms and conditions of the project. An acceptance letter has to be written with utmost care since it is a highly formal letter and it is usually the first official correspondence between the applicant and the institution.

It is better to structure the letter into three paragraphs, namely an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Keep the letter crisp and do not forget to mention important details such as date of beginning the project. The letter is also a highly emotional letter since it carries a good news and can make the receiver very happy. Go through our sample letter to understand it better


Sample Letter:

The following is the sample of a ‘project acceptance’ letter.


Thomas R. Ducharme,

Project Manager,

Steel Technology Solutions,

2788 Picnic Street,

Bellingham, WA 98225,


February 10, 2011


Matthew C. Hinson,

Drummer Lights Industry,

1983 Stark Hollow Road,

Craig, CO 81625.


Subject: Project Acceptance Letter


Dear Mathew,


On behalf of Steel Technology Solutions, I am pleased to inform you that the management has studied through your proposed project of computerising the whole office of Drummer Lights Industry. We feel that your proposal is very workable with the proposed cost and applications. Hence, Steel Technology Solutions is accepting your proposed project.

We are agreeable to the terms and conditions stated in your proposal with no amendments. The project is to commence on March 2011 and will complete, as proposed in your project proposal, in August 2011. Payment will be progressive in accordance with the project implementation, as per the stated and agreed on terms and conditions. An official offer letter will be sent as a separate email to you shortly. You are required to sign it, scan it and send it back to us as soon as possible. As already mentioned before, you will be working with us for a period of 5 months

Before we get started on the project, we would like to meet for an informal ice breaker session. Please do inform if you would be free this Thursday for it. In the case of any other enquiry or emergency, please do feel free to contact us at 2539582309.


Thank you for engaging Steel Technology Solutions.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew C. Hinson

Drummer Lights Industry

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