Programmer Job Cover Letter

Introduction :

Technology has become an important part of our life now. One simply can’t do anything without it. Technology is accessed with the help of various programs that are developed by skilled professionals to make our life easier and also to make our life technology friendly. Being a programmer means to be highly skilled in the latest technology which is being regularly updated and to churn up the best software or programs out of it for the software companies who would eventually sell it to the customers.

A programmer job cover letter is a formal letter written by an individual who has an interest in the programming job to the company hiring programmers. One must mention his/her achievements and the other programs created by him/her to catch the attention of the recruiters. Also, mention what you can contribute to the company while working as a programmer.


Sample :

The following is the sample of a programmer job cover letter.


Jimmy Ekka,

Software Developer,

Jacob Associates Pvt. Ltd.



Joseph Philips,

HR Executive,

Phantom Softwares Pvt Ltd.

Subject – Programmer job cover letter.

Dear Mr. Philips,

I recently came across your advertisement your company looking for a programmer. The job position and the pay package pleased me immensely, and so I am writing this letter to apply for the same.

I have always been fascinated with technology. Ever since I learned how to operate a computer, I had decided my career – to do something related to technology. I graduated from NIT Indore as a software engineer and have worked at Jacob associates as a software developer for the past three years. I have so far successfully developed games for kids and adult to enjoy in their leisure time. The details of the same have been attached along with this letter.

Jacob associates is a small firm as compared to your company, and I have realized that I need to work in a company that provides a huge platform to showcase my talent. Your business is one of the best sought after company for IT enthusiasts. You provide not only an opportunity for game development but also the use of other updated technology which will help in my skill building process.

I hope you find my application worth your time. I shall be awaiting your interview call.

With regards,

Jimmy Ekka,

Software Developer,

Jacob Associates Pvt. Ltd.

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