Professional Resignation Letter

Professional Resignation LetterIntroduction:

A Professional Resignation letter is written by an employee who wishes to resign from the company he or she is currently working at. An employee could seek resignation for several causes; this could be personal, professional, etc. Therefore it becomes imperative to state the reason for your leave from the company. A resignation later is a serious matter, and for this reason, it should be have relevant facts with proper format and grammar for a professional read.

Several companies have a policy for the time duration which you have to serve after you serve your letter of resignation. This period is usually 30 days; however, it can vary. So in case, your reason for leaving is time sensitive, it is best for you to submit your letter of resignation at the earliest.The letter should also contain a note of thanks and apology for the support and offense offered by the company to your tenure respectively.

Sample Letter:


Gerald L. Ratliff

3022 Heather Sees Way
Webb City, OK 74652



Laura D. Morton

Managing Director

Triumph Services Agency

1348 High Meadow Lane
Lewisburg, PA 17837


Dear Ms. Morton,

RE: Notice of Resignation

It is with regret that I am tendering my resignation officially with this letter from the post of Administration Manager with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. I was recently offered the role of a senior manager at an MNC in Dubai. After much consideration, I have decided to pursue the offer which is why it saddens me to inform you that I will not be able to work with your firm anymore.

I will be completing all the tasks on hand before I leave and hand over my office keys and identification card to the Personnel Department on the last day. I will be briefing Achin Khanna about all my projects in depth so that he can be referred to in case of any query regarding the work I was heading.

Please allow me to record a note of thanks for your kind support during my tenure here. The past five years with Triumph Service agency have been a delight. There were opportunities galore all of which have helped shape the person I am today. I would also wish to state an apology for any possible offenses to you or the management which I am not aware of.

I have submitted my resignation well in advance. I request you to kindly specify the dates and period of my notice period so I can make necessary arrangements accordingly. Thank you for all the opportunities rendered to me during my work tenure here. I wish you and Triumph Service Agency every success in your future undertakings.

Yours sincerely,

Gerald L. Ratliff

Administration Manager

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