Professional Recommendation Letter

Professional Recommendation Letter


The recommendation is a proposal or an action to put someone forward by an authoritative body. Sometimes to be considered for a new job, one may find necessary to get a professional recommendation from the current employer. As the name suggests, a professional recommendation letter is written by the current employer for his employee recommending him for some position in an organization.

A professional recommendation letter is a formal letter which is written to recommend an individual for a particular task such as employment or entry for further studies in universities. This letter letter can enhance the candidate’s chances to receive job or be given a placement in the institution of learning. Writing good things for the employee will surely help to place him in the best position but exaggerating too much will turn on the negative impact. Having a peek at this sample letter for professional recommendation letter will give you the idea of writing it for your employee in a professional way and it will not give you a tailspin.

Sample Letters

Following is the sample letter for Professional Recommendation Letter.



Casper Trading,

8893 Crown Street,

St. Louis, Florida.


Subject: -Recommendation for Mr. William Johnson.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. William Johnson at your esteemed organization for the post of the software engineer.

Mr. Johnson has been an exemplary employee with Casper Trading for the past ten years serving as Software Engineer in the IT department. He excels in programming languages and software development, having built new commercial applications effortlessly.

Having worked closely with Mr. Johnson, he is a hard-working, trustworthy and committed employee who understands the system requirements quickly and interacts well with all levels of staff. His out of box thinking skills have brought many successes for Casper Trading. Due to personal reasons and circumstances beyond his control, Mr. Johnson has to leave Casper Trading in good stead. I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Johnson as a Software Engineer at your esteemed organization.

I request your company to consider Mr. Johnson’s employment application favorably for he will certainly be an asset to your organization. For further queries don’t hesitate to ping me at +41-784512 or drop your mail at  I am happy to furnish more datils if you need additional information.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Reynolds,

Director, Casper Trading,

St. Louis, Florida.

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