Professional Introduction Letter


A Professional Introduction Letter is written to introduce a particular person who is new to a certain profession. The letter may be written by the person who wishes to introduce himself/herself, or the letter could be written by some influential figure who wishes to introduce another person. Through a letter such like this, the person is enabled to build up professional contacts to help him/her in the career. A good network is definitely helpful to have a successful start.

The letter should give an appealing description of the person who is fresh to the world of professionalism. The description should not be overstated as an exaggerated account can reduce the chances of being contacted by authoritative people. The letter should state the designation and the work profile of the person being introduced so the receiving professional can associate with him or her. The letter should be concluded with the correct contact details of the person.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a Professional Introduction Letter.


Katherine Smith

Chief Executive Officer,

ANC Sales Private Limited,

42-Camomile Way,

San Diego, SA 22434,




Charlotte James

Chief Editor,

Silverline Foundation,

65-Imperial Ave,

San Diego, SA 30114,


Subject: Introduction to Charles Fernandez

Dear Mrs. Charlotte James,

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you, Mr. Charles Fernandez. Mr. Fernandez has worked as the Sales Manager at Steve and Tennison Co. Ltd. for the past three years. He initiated his career at Jetwings Travels Pvt. Ltd. as the Sales Executive. He is an excellent working person and has a good fruitful record as well.

I have known Mr. Fernandez personally as I had been working as the General Manager at Jetwings Travels Pvt. Ltd. in the early years of my career. He has brilliant skills and knowledge at work. His efforts and experience of so many years have helped him to successfully start up his venture, Fernandez Sales Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is located in San Diego, California. I hope that his venture shall earn him great fame and accomplishments. Although Mr. Fernandez is very hardworking, it shall be extremely helpful to him if you could provide to him any professional assistance or guidance to run his venture in the long run. Since you are a very influential person, I believe that your advice shall work wonders for him.

Mr. Fernandez can be reached at his contact number 6362727. He can also be contacted at his email ID

Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Smith

Chief Executive Officer,

ANC Sales Private Limited

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