Professional Farewell Letters

Introduction :

A professional farewell letter is written in a professional set up. It can be a company or a school, hospital or anywhere where people work together in a professional environment. An employee who is leaving his or her job can wish goodbye to his or her colleagues by writing a letter. A school teacher can write this letter to say goodbye to the fellow teachers. When a person decides to leave a job, he or she may not have sufficient time to go and say goodbye to each colleague. A farewell letter can then prove useful. In this letter, you can express gratitude towards your colleagues for the support they always provided to you and for all the cooperation shown by them during all times.

You can either write an individual letter to all your colleagues or a single letter addressed to everyone. Keep the tone of letter warm and humble. Also, don’t forget to wish your colleagues the best in their future endeavors. In the end, thank all your colleagues for the times together. Also, try to include your email and ask them to keep in touch. Through this letter, you can make them feel special.

Sample Letter:


Harsh Celly


Pooja Travels

5620 Nashville Road

Terre Haute, IN 47807





Pooja Travels Staff


Dear Colleagues,

Re: A Farewell to All

I had decided three months ago to shift from the city, so I was wrapping up all my projects that I had been working on. Time just flew by so quickly, and despite wanting to say goodbye by meeting you all personally, I couldn’t manage with all the packing and work. As I leave in 2 days, I would like to thank you all very much for being the best team and constant source of support and strength. I appreciate the hard work put in by all of you and will cherish the times spent with you all in this company.

As the time to bid goodbye had come, I am both nervous and excited as I had spent many years in the company. It’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you. I am looking forward to this new phase of my career.

I would be glad to help you guys anytime you need me. My email and phone no. will be the same. Do visit me whenever you come to my city. I wish all of the very best for all your future endeavors. Hope all of you achieve your dreams.

Do stay in touch.



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