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A Professional Farewell Letter is written by an individual who is about to leave the profession of his/her liking to either pursue some other work or to seek retirement.  The letter is written by the professional to his/her colleagues usually in the same profession. The letter is a farewell letter that is written to the colleagues so as to serve as a reminder of good times and good spirit between the parties. The letter is usually considered to be a formality in the professional world. Therefore the letter must be written in a good manner.

The letter must be written in an affectionate manner. The letter must describe the reason for resignation. The letter must also mention the great camaraderie that was present between the writer and the recipient of the letter. The letter must also mention the professional support that the author received from his/ her professional colleagues.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Professional Farewell Letter.


Serena Williams,

Easton House,



The United States of America.



Ron Amber,

Tennis Federation of Utopia,

House Quest,



The United States of America.

Subject: Professional farewell letter.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your knowledge my decision to retire from professional tennis from the DD/MM/YYYY. I have taken this decision with careful consideration of the pros and cons of the decision. I have decided that I have spent fifteen wonderful years of my life in professional tennis. I am also very grateful for having represented the United States in international tennis and to have won two gold medals for my countries in the Olympics.

I write this letter to thank you for your great mentorship and assistance in helping me reach my professional goals in tennis. I am forever grateful to you. I have also learned extraordinary techniques from you and you remain a trusted confidant in my professional life.

My decision to retire has been strongly supported by my parents and family members. Upon retirement, I wish to spend more time with my family members. I also wish to travel to different parts of the world to assess the quality and level of tennis education. I hope to open a tennis academy in the United States.

Until then, I am happy to write you this farewell letter.

Thank you,


Serena Williams.


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