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Professional Business letterIntroduction

A Professional Business letter is a formally written letter of communication between companies that are associated with some business dealings. The letter can be written on any daily business transaction between the two companies. All business letters should be professionally written to reflect respect for each business. Proper names and titles should be exercised.

Since this is a formal letter it must include an introduction paragraph, greeting the other party. This is important for maintaining good relations. The second paragraph which is the main body of the letter must include the main point that one party wishes to convey to the other. The sender must include as much details about the business dealings as possible so that the message is conveyed clearly and does not lead to any miscommunication. End the letter on a positive note, requesting for a follow up session with the other party to discuss the contents of the letter at length.



Mr. Stephen Hoffman

Vice Chairman

Princeton Marketing Services

730 Westfall Avenue
Albuquerque, NM 87109



Mr. Dwight Keller


Solar Technology Lab

1942 Rocket Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Dear Sir

RE: Business Collaboration

Greetings of the New year! Hope the new year finds the company in the best of spirits. It is my delight to bring to your kind attention the many new varieties of products that Princeton is bringing in from Europe which would appeal to your esteemed company. Our long standing association of 5 years have proved beneficial to both parties. The company now wishes to extend this association by presenting to you this new range of ours.

As a loyal patron of Princeton, we would like to ensure that the Solar Technology Lab has the highest priority in our new products and services that will serve best to your benefit. This range meets the highest quality standards and has proven to be 10 times faster than it’s previous models. It is currently the best machines available in the field of bio- technology. So far we have introduced 5 new machines in this range and hope to add two more to the list at the end of this year.

If you are interested in viewing these products, it would be our honor to set an appointment with you to visit our office one of these days. We could schedule the meeting according to your convenience. Before that if you would like to review our products once then I will be happy to send my sales manager to introduce to you the specifications of this product.

We look forward to your visit to further our business collaborations. Thank you for your consistent patronage to Princeton Marketing.


Respectfully yours,

Mr. Stephen Hoffman

Vice Chairman

Princeton Marketing Services

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