Product Marketing Letter


Marketing is the approach most companies use to make their products more desirable and known to the public. Marketing is one of the ways to achieve product popularity and success of the retailer company. Sometimes a company may have to write a product marketing letter. This is a letter that is sent to potential clients or individuals who may be interested in the product so as to get a first glance at what the product is.

The letter should include all necessary details about the product or service. The aim is to persuade your consumers to purchase this product – or make them aware about one such product in the market at the very least. These letters are extremely formal but ensure that you present the unique qualities of your product in a very fancy way so that it intrigues your customers. Furthermore, follow the four P’s of marketing while advertising your product – Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Always try including these four aspects in your letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Product Marketing Letter.


Tara C

5353 House of Tara

Lodhi Road

Delhi- 1232432

23rd September 2017


Product Clients

434 Office 8

Mumbai -13543

Subject: Product Marketing Letter

Respected Sir/ Madam,

House of Tara has been the leading fashion brand in the capital for five years running. Out of these five years, we have maintained a successful partnership with your company for three full years. Needless to say, our partnership has led to a 10% profit for both our companies. So, I saw it only fitting to reveal our latest clothing line to your company first.

Our latest clothing line is titled ‘Breeze’- easy, casual daily wear for our target audience – women from sixteen to twenty-five years of age. The material used is 100% cotton to beat the summer heat that the capital faces every year. It will include all styles – contemporary and Indian alike. We’ll have crop tops, shorts, kurtas and light summer breezy dresses. The range is wide, and since it aims to target the middle class, the style won’t be too ‘haughty’ either.

We plan to start the pricing from INR 250 onwards. Since we’ll be shipping our cargos in bulk, the price of each container will be negotiable, but profitable nonetheless. We can work on the plan of action once we have sent over a few samples to your office. Mr. Rakesh Kumar will be bringing the samples on the 26th of September along with Ms. Rita Banerjee, our premiere quality checker.

We hope to discuss further details next month once we have finished the initial stages of product initiation. House of Tara won’t disappoint you, and this is my promise. We look forward to more years of great business with your company.

Thank you

Tara C


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