Product Inquiry Letter


Business does not end with just selling the product you have produced. One of the key ways to make your brand successful is by having a proper customer redressal mechanism. There is a team of people dedicated to answering each and every question a customer or consumer may have about your product or service.

A product Inquiry letter is written by a consumer who wishes to ask a question or raise relevant questions about a particular product. A consumer generally does this after using the product, but they may also raise important questions before the purchase of a product as well. The letter comprises of questions about the working, usage, guarantee or warranty, benefits, price, materials and any other details of a product. It should be a detailed letter which mentions exactly which product is in question. Make sure you clearly state your queries politely as it is a formal letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Product Inquiry Letter.


S. Ravi Krishnan

Kumar Residence

Sohna Road



1st May 2017


The Company

AR road



Subject: Product Inquiry Letter

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

The range of domestic products offered by your company has always made it our first choice when it comes to purchasing gadgets at our home. We have always been fully satisfied with the working of the products and even happier with the services offered before and after the purchase of the product.

I recently came to know about your new washing machine line from your advertisement on TV. The advertisement showcased a range of washing machines which offer the latest technology. According to the advertisement, operation of ‘The Z series’ is voice based. I wanted to know, which all languages does this washing machine respond to?

Furthermore is there a drying service within this machine or will I have to purchase a dryer separately? The advertisement boasted about a low water usage so as to reduce the wastage of this resource. Can this feature be demonstrated in any of your showrooms?

I was hoping to purchase model no 374 of The Z series. I wanted to arrange a day and time of visit to your showroom in MG Mall so that I can make a final decision based on it about buying your product. Furthermore, your last series had a warranty of three years. Being an old loyal customer, I was wondering if I did decide to purchase your product, is there a possibility to extend my warranty from three to five years. For the same reason, I would like to discuss if there is a possibility for me to avail a 20% discount on my purchase.

I would like to discuss the terms and conditions of the purchase of my new washing machine. I look forward to a fruitful deal with your company.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

S. Ravi Krishnan

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