Prize Donation Letter


When a series of competitions are held, it becomes the responsibility of the organisers to collect appropriate funds for the competitions. The amount of money to be raised depends on the capacity of the company and the size of the event. Therefore, there should be a thorough examination of the sponsors before they are approached for sponsorship. It can be done by writing the sponsors either a proposal or a letter.

Sponsorship letters are extremely formal. A level of professionalism should be maintained so that the sponsors get an idea about the magnitude of your event. Make sure your past achievements are clearly stated as this attracts more sponsors and instils a sense of trust in them. Furthermore, clearly mention the details of your event – the purpose, time, place along with the date and day of your event. More often than not, it is appreciated if a formal proposal is also attached with the sponsorship letter to clarify your intent.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Prize Donation Letter.


Ashwini K

F Fox

Paschim Vihar


23rd Sept 2017



Naina Kabeer


Rk Marg



Subject: Prize Donation

Dear Ma’am,

F Fox is proud to present its Annual Winter Gala on the 1st of December 2017. F Fox has been doing business with Groody’s for the past three years and we felt it was only right for your company to be the first we approach for Winter Gala’17.

As you are well aware, Winter Gala marks the beginning of the end of yearly celebrations. So this year, for our three-day long event, we hope to raise a gamut of fun-filled competitions as well as a concert by none other than Mr. K RR. In the past years, we have noticed a footfall of about five lakh people, which will only keep growing with each passing year. We have so far managed a rough sponsorship of INR 30 crore annually.

Our special event for this year’s gala is a treasure hunt to be organised on the last day of the event. This event will be six hours long with participants from eighteen to twenty-five years of age. The aim is to solve the clues, which we will give them on an hourly basis. Those who successfully reach the last round will be declared winners.

For this purpose, we hope that Groody’s would sponsor the first prize. We request you to give the winners gift vouchers worth five thousand each. On top of that, we hope that the final prize of INR 50,000 would be sponsored by Groody’s.

The investment will assure you large scale branding of your company. We will also organise an intern hunt for you so that you can recruit interns for your future endeavours.

We look forward to a good, successful relationship with your company once again.

Thank you

Ashwini K

CEO, F Fox

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