Pregnancy Leave Letter


A Pregnancy Leave Letter is written to request for leave during the initial period of pregnancy. Whether you are an army officer or an interior designer, a woman has to go through the phase of pregnancy, and during that period a working woman applies for leave to take care of her health. Pregnancy is a critical phase, and a woman has to go through lots of problems during pregnancy. It thus becomes necessary for a working woman to stop doing work during the prime days of pregnancy and take rest at home.

A Pregnancy Leave Letter is a formal way to request for the permission to take rest from work during the peak pregnancy period. While writing a pregnancy leave letter, you should have a very polite and humble tone, and you should mention the exact days for which you want the leave. You should also mention the details of the remuneration you are expecting and complete details of your pregnancy.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Pregnancy Leave Letter


Keith S. Dwyer,

3288 Wellington Street,

Cambridge, MA 02145.



Claire Pace,

Managing Director,

1915 Gorby Lane,

Cambridge, MA 02145.

Subject: Pregnancy Leave Letter.

Dear Ms. Claire Pace,

I am writing this letter to request you to grant me maternity leave for three months as I am 7 months pregnant now and it is becoming extremely difficult for me to come to the office every day. My health is not allowing me to work nicely. As my delivery date is coming closer, I’m feeling uneasiness at work, and thus I request you to please grant me maternity leave from mid-February¬†2011.

I have already informed my senior in charge about my condition, and he has arranged a substitute to cope up with the workload until my absence. I have already explained her about the work schedule and other important paradigm related to the company to ensure that work goes on with pace and my absence doesn’t hinder the workload. I would be rejoining the company from mid-June 2011, and till then if you need any assistance you can contact me.

Please clear my pending reimbursement before my leave commences. I hope you will confirm my request and inform me regarding any pending assignment and backlogs which I need to finish before the leave starts. Kindly look into the needful on a priority basis.


Yours Sincerely

Keith S. Dwyer

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