Praise Letter, Sample & Format


A Praise Letter is written to appreciate a person for doing excellent work or for achieving something very high. It motivates a person to continue doing the best work. A praise letter can be written for different purposes such as appreciating your friend for getting increment in salary, praising a company for their product and services, praising your colleague for getting promoted, appreciating the authority for addressing your problem, etc.

It is a nice way to encourage the other person to keep doing the excellent work in future. A praise letter makes the other person feel motivated and inspired. Whenever you write a praise letter, you should write it with an open heart and your feelings should be genuine and honest. You Should also be very clear in what you want to convey. A few praising words can make the other person feel charged up to put even more hard work in whatever they do.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Praise Letter.


Sarah. J. Dias,

George Street,

3117 Knot Place,

New Delhi, FL 34471



Kartik Singh,

West Okhla,

Mumbai, PA 18503

Subject: Praise Letter

Dear Mr. Kartik Singh,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you for getting selected in the Indian Army. Your rigorous hard work has finally helped you achieve your dream. You were working hard since past three years to make your way in the army, and finally, you are here. It has been truly said that hard work always reaps well.

I still remember those days when you used to wear your father’s army uniform and give direction to everyone around you like an army officer. You can’t even imagine how happy I’m over your success. The army is a very responsible arena, and it will help you in becoming a more responsible person in life. You would now be protecting our country, and it’s citizens. A load of millions of our citizen’s safety will be on you now. Your family has been blessed by martyrs, and you will add to the pride of this nation. I can imagine how happy your father would be over your success. He will finally see you in his shoes.

I’m dying to see you in the uniform. I will come home soon to meet you. Keep the spirit of the nation high and raise largely the tricolored flag.

All the Best for your bright future.

Yours Lovingly

Sarah. J. Dias.


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