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Policy Letter



A policy letter is an important letter to the governing body of a country or an organization. It states one or more rules or guidelines that allow a smooth functioning of the country or organization. It must be clearly and formally stated to ensure a clear understanding with no possibility of misinterpretation by all those who are governed by it. Rules related to the violation of the policies should also be mentioned.

Policy letter is drafted by the Human Resource team or governing body of the given institution. These are the principle values based on which the institution or company operates. It is extremely specific and lengthy in nature as it jots down each and every information and rules of procedure and conduct related to the organization in question.These policies are often divided into various agendas. Some of which include- attendance policy, policies related to resignation from the organization etc




Landon Communications

1148 Columbia Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21218

January 3, 2017

To All Staff

Landon Communications

Dear Staff

RE: Policy Revision

Please be informed that the management has revised the existing company policy. The updated version of the same will be applicable to all members of the organization with effect from February 1st 2017. Please find below the major highlights of the updated rules, regulations and policies of the company-

There shall be no overtime exercised by Landon Communications. Based on a comprehensive study the previous year has seen a great drop in the company’s revenue with a sizable percentage accrued to overtime. Hence, the company was unable to provide any bonus. A resignation rate of 5% was also noted by the Research and development team.

The management requests that all staff should optimize their obligatory work hours immediately to pull up the revenue figures to a healthy quantum for the year 2017, despite a possible ailing economy. To ensure the same, the company has reduced it’s lunch break from 1 hour to 30 mins. However, an official additional mid-day break is designated from 4 pm onwards. The duration of this break is 15 mins. To ensure no employee is made to work over time, you must obtain the written approval of your immediate superior and the HR Director before you can proceed with overtime as of today. Forms can be obtained from the HR department.

Furthermore, in accordance with the new constitutional amendment, paternity leave for fathers has been introduced. The duration of the same is a month. However, official intimation for the tentative date should be given one month before.

Your full cooperation is required on this matter.



Landon Communications

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