Police Promotion Letter


A Police Promotion Letter is written to request the senior police officers for the appraisal of the police personnel. It serves as an opportunity for the police officers to get themselves promoted by highlighting their achievements and efforts. The duty of a police officer is not easy; they need to be alert like a watchdog and whenever a police personnel performs well it becomes extremely important to recognize his efforts by rewarding him in the form of promotion.

A police promotion letter is intended to recognize the achievements of the police personnel by promoting him to a higher post of authority. While writing a police promotion letter you should have a very formal tone, and you should be extremely polite while writing this letter. You should also highlight your achievements and contributions which will prove your abilities to get promoted.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Police Promotion Letter


Akhilendra Mishra,


Haryana Regiment,

Okhla, Haryana



Mark Kens,

Head Officer,

West Okhla


Subject: Promotion Letter

Dear Mr. Mark Kens,

This is to bring to your kind consideration about the circular regarding the Officers Promotion Circular about the promotion issuance. I, Akhilendra Mishra Subedar of the Haryana Front, kindly put my request for the promotion consideration of Inspector General. I feel that I truly fulfill the eligibility criteria and have served sincerely with my whole dedication for the Police Academy. I have always been onto the front of administering riots and civic violence and have raged high my team whenever I have led them. I was also an active armor at the Wagha Border strife and have shown my rage and dedication at every front. With the addition to this, my senior officials have always applauded me for my bravery and fearless attitude.

I have also won many awards for the Haryana Police. I was recently awarded the Abhimanyu Award for 100 meters rifle and Chetak award in 200 meters race. I have also been a national level swimmer and hold the name of being the first Indian to cross the English channel. I’m very dedicated towards my work, and I have always been appreciated by my seniors for my sincerity. I wish to take our regiment’s name high by occupying the post of an inspector. I hope you will consider my application for the promotion.

Below I’m attaching the necessary documents to validate my credentials for the promotion opportunity.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Akhilendra Mishra


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