Police Complaint Letter


A Police Complaint Letter is written to report the occurrence of crime, theft or betrayal that has happened with you. Whenever your safety and security gets questioned, the police is always at your help. The crime rate is increasing day by day and keeping the criminals at the check; it is extremely important to report the crime. Whether it is the incident of theft, murder, domestic violence or suicide you should report the incident to the police.

In our country police is the authority which takes care of our security and is responsible for maintaining peace in the society so whenever something fussy happens people go to the police station to lodge a complaint regarding that incident. While writing a police complaint letter, you should mention each and every important detail about the incident, who were involved in the incident, at what time the event happened, etc.

Sample letter


Kavya Hassan,

3117 George Street,

Ocala, FL 34471



Nitish S. Shaw,

Police Inspector,

Okhla Mandi Police Station,

Scranton, PA 18503.

Subject: Complaint letter

Dear Mr. Nitish S. Shaw,

I beg to lodge the following complaint about a theft which occurred in my jewelry shop yesterday. Two gunmen came out of a Black Maruti SUV car and pointed the gun onto me. I got terrified and started yelling, but the other gunman triggered his gun in the air and alarmed me to be quiet. There were two customers at that time in my shop who immediately ran away after the gunmen came and my servant was beaten cruelly by them as he started shouting after seeing them. His condition is still serious because of the deep injury.

The thieves broke away the jewelry box and took away everything with them. They ran away stealing gold and silver jewelry worth Rs 50,000 and 20,000 rupees cash. Apart from this they also snatched my gold wrist watch and a golden bracelet. My store has become an evacuated arena, and nothing is left in the store. This whole incident has broken me down and has left me completely shattered. I have lost the saving of my entire life. Nothing is left to me now.

I urge you to please find the culprit and put them behind the bar. Please help me recover the lost possession and bring my life back on track.

Yours Sincerely,

Kavya Hassan


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