Physical Fitness Certificate

Physical Fitness Certificate is a type of document which declares that a particular person is in a fine state of health and well-being.

Such a certificate may be written by a medical practitioner, sports instructor, sports teacher or by a person holding a position in a sports organization.

The document serves the important purpose of declaring that the person is physically fit enough to perform activities related to sports as well as daily life.

The certificate should consist of three fine paragraphs. The first paragraph of the document should state the name of the person who is receiving it. Crucial details with respect to physical aspects of the receiver should be mentioned in the central paragraph. The final paragraph should declare once again that the person is physically fit. Any kind of grammatical mistakes or spelling errors should not be made in the content of the certificate.

The following is a sample of Physical Fitness Certificate.

Physical Fitness Certificate Sample

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to validate that Mr. Nicholas Kristof has been carefully examined and is, therefore, being given this certificate of physical fitness by Adecco Vibgyor International High School on October 6, 2017.

Mr. Nicholas Kristof is a student of Adecco Vibgyor International High School, studying in grade 8. He has been examined under the supervision of the school doctor, Mr. Peter Wehner, and the school physician, Mr. John Bidgood. His date of birth is June 1, 2003 and is fourteen years old. His height has been measured to be 4 feet and and 11 inches or 149.86 centimeters. The measure of his weight is 48 kilograms, which is appropriate as well as in accordance with his height. The power of vision of his left eye has been noted to be -0.5 while it is -0.75 for the right eye. There is no record of diseases, illnesses or disabilities in his health.

Therefore, his state of health and well-being can be declared as fine and good in standard. Mr. Nicholas Kristof is healthy and in good condition to perform day to day physical activities as well as sports.

Kindly note that all the information mentioned in it is true and correct in nature. This certificate is being issued by the school on the request of the receiver. The document is non-transferable and under no circumstances can it be transferred to any other person or organization.

Thank you.

Matt Hulso,

Head of the Sports Department,

Adecco Vibgyor International High School

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