Persuasive letter

Persuasive letter


A Persuasive letter is meant to sway the reader of the letter to your favor. It can be written for any situation, and the impact can be great if the right words are used. A good persuasive letter can be convincing and buys support to your stated cause. It can be formal or light but with conviction and passion on the subject for great impact. The letter should be concise and have a positive tone.
The letter should not be all sugar coated and should be genuine. You are expected to mention the reasons and present them in a convincing manner so you get the benefits of it. Also, it is necessary that why you should be given a chance or deserve something more than anyone else. The tone of the letter should be positive and the letter should be written in brief avoiding any unnecessary details. In the end, thank them and tell them that you would appreciate whatever they decide.

Sample Letter:


Harold Tomlin


1414 Timber Lane
Maybell, CO 81643




Mr. John McDow


Maple High School

1414 Timber Lane
Maybell, CO 81643


Dear Principal McDow,

RE: Urgent Need to Clean Up

I am writing to inform you of a very disturbing situation which I came across at your school premises recently. It was appalling to note the poor hygiene found at the school canteen when I was waiting at the pickup area last Friday. As the pickup area was located next to the canteen, I could see rubbish strewn everywhere. There was a stench too.

It was about 4 pm; just an hour before the school bell rings. With the break time at 1 pm, I believe there would have been sufficient time to clean up the place before the children come out of their classes. Perhaps the staff is overworked.

Hence, I would like to suggest a community service with parents involved in clean up. I can volunteer my services for this community clean up and can head the committee in this suggested task if you are agreeable to my suggestion.

I believe it will benefit our children to have a clean and healthy environment that is conducive to their studies.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

Harold Tomlin

Concerned parent

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