Personal Donation Letter


A Personal Donation Letter is a letter written to prospective individuals or organizations that would donate money or food, provide sponsorship as well as entertainment and conduct competitions or lotteries to support a cause and help those in need. If the letter is sent to a new donor, it includes information like: details of the organisation, its members and donors, its aim, who it helps and how, how the donor can donate to the cause, previous success stories as well as why there is a need for more donations.

If the letter is sent to existing donors, explain: how grateful you are for their kindness, how their previous donations were utilized and its impact, a story proving the same, the new endeavors initiated by the organization and finally, why another donation is requested. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is often attached to increase the chance of receiving a response. Thus, a Personal Donation Letter aims at explaining a cause, demonstrating its importance and acquiring any donation or support as a result.

Sample Letter


John A. Smith

The Compassion Foundation

328, Dunham Street

New York


Date: 4 February 2017



Emma Day


The Day Foundation

44, Raven Street, New York


Subject: Appeal for donation

Dear Ms. Day,

When the less fortunate need some help, it is only the lucky that can help them. The man is a compassionate being, ever ready to help his fellow beings.

I, John Smith, am writing this letter to appeal to you, asking you for your help in providing food and sponsorship to the homeless children at the Harmony Children’s Home. There are about 200 inmates at home. Though they are showered with love and care, the authorities lack funds to provide enough food, clothing and proper education to them.

We at the Compassion Foundation came up with a solution. We have decided to organize various fund-raising initiatives. I am writing to you, requesting you for your help as part of this initiative. I ask you to kindly contribute generously to this meaningful cause.

The Compassion Foundation strives merely on your kindness, generosity, and support. Your previous donations helped in building child educational support programs, thus enabling the proper education of more than 2,000 children. Please do not hesitate to lend out a kind helping hand which will be much appreciated by the children, the authorities at the Harmony Children’s Home as well as those that belong to the Compassion Foundation.

I request you to consider this humble request and look into the matter. Kindly do the needful. I look forward to your reply.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

John Smith

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