Personal Condolence Letter


When people in your life, be it your personal or professional life, go through grievous or horrible experiences in life, it is only natural that you express your sympathy towards them and try to console them. Be it death, illness, life-threatening occurrences like an accident, fire/ flood or loss of property, expressing your condolences genuinely will make them feel a little bit better. A Personal Condolence Letter is written in such a situation. The sender could be a person, an organization or even the church, government, etc.

In a condolence letter, the sender expresses his/her deeply felt regret and sympathy at the unfortunate event and offers words of consolation. He/she may need any sort of assistance that the receiver may need. The level of formality depends on what kind of a relationship it is that the sender and the receiver shares.In short, a personal condolence letter is a way to demonstrate your compassion towards your fellow beings.


Sample Letter


Antony T. Clemens

367 Raven Avenue

Rippleton, New York


Date: 16 April 2017



Emma R. Carania

67, Dunham Street

Rippleton, New York


Subject: The accident

Dear Ms. Carania,

I came to know of what happened to you today at work. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it shocked me. When I first heard from a colleague that you met with an accident last week, that too just after we had dinner together, I thought it was not true. What a scare I had! However, once I realized that Andrew was telling the truth, I was so glad to hear that despite a broken leg and other minor injuries, you were alright.

I am so sorry for what happened. Who would have thought that such a pleasant day would end in such a way? I heard that you are still admitted at the Sapphire Hospital and would be discharged in one or two days. I will visit you once you are back home and cheer you up.

Meanwhile, do not be so sad. Be grateful that you escaped. Think of this as a miracle that apart from the injuries ended up giving you a mini-vacation. I am sure you will start to enjoy the time away from work once the pain fades away. You have always said that you wanted to find some time to read. Once you are discharged, you will get plenty. Tell me the names of any book you want, and I shall find it.

I am so glad that your sister is staying with you for the time being. Things will be alright soon. I look forward to meeting you. Until then, take care.

Yours Sincerely,

Antony Clemens


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