Personal Appeal Letter


Often, in both your personal and professional lives, you will have to appeal to the concerned authorities regarding issues, requests, demands, etc. An appeal letter is meant to get the attention of the relevant authority and convince or persuade them about things from your point of view. A person does this based on relevant, valid evidence, facts and figures. A personal appeal letter is a letter written by a person to appeal to the authorities in charge regarding any personal matter.

Personal appeal letters could be written for various purposes. Some examples are to request a leave at work, ask for an exemption from an assignment at school or request to lend money or things. Fundraising or Charity appeal letters could also be written as personal appeal letters. In many cases, supporting documents and evidence is attached to this letter to stress the sender’s argument. Personal appeal letters are used both in a person’s professional and personal lives.

Sample Letter


Eliza M. Martin

Marketing Executive

Tesla Inc.

1233 TA, New York


Date: 16 April 2017



Emma A. Carania

The Marketing Manager

Tesla Inc.

1233 TA, New York


Subject: Personal appeal for leave

Dear Ms. Carania,

I am writing this letter to appeal to you for permission to be on paid leave for 20 days. I have been a Marketing Executive under your leadership at Tesla.Inc for the past year. I have always been responsible and dedicated when it came to my job. I have never ignored or disrespected any instruction I have received here. This is the first time that I am making such a personal request and kindly do consider my request.

I am asking permission to be on leave from 20 April 2017 until 1 May 2017. I would not have made such a claim if it was avoidable. My son is not well and is in a serious battle with leukemia. I am taking him to a hospital abroad in search of better medication and treatment. I know that it is not right to skip work for so long, but this is crucial, and my family needs me. My son needs me.

I have completed all the tasks that were assigned to me so far. Also, in case any doubts regarding my duties arise in my absence, I have put down the instructions to be followed precisely in my computer. If further clarification is needed, I would be available on both my mobile and email.

I promise you that once I am back, I will put in more hours than before and do my best to make up the time lost. Kindly grant me permission for the same.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Eliza Martin


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