Permission Letter For Industrial Visit


A Permission Letter For Industrial Visit is written by an individual or a group of people who wish to visit a particular company for educational and other learning purposes. Such kind of a letter is written by a school or college institutions for seeking permission to visit a particular place to give a learning experience to the students about the industry and thus, gaining knowledge.

The letter elaborates on the school and its overall curriculum and why they would want their students to visit this particular industry. The letter needs to be precise on the terms such as the number of children who would be coming to visit the industry and as to for how long they would be in the place for their visit. The letter can also include a request for a guide who would explain the entire industry to them, showcase the way in which the machines or equipment work and as to how each step eventually comes out to be the final product. This would help in the visit being even more knowledgeable for the students.

Thus, the letter given below can be of help to you in writing a Permission Letter For Industrial Visit.



The Principal,

St. Peter’s High School and Junior College.

Sion Trombay Road,

Chembur, Mumbai.





The Industrial Manager,

Gems, Pvt Ltd.,

Off. Link Road,

Andheri West, Mumbai.


Respected Sir,

I am the principal of St. Peter’s High School and Junior College in Chembur. Every year we take our students for an industrial visit where we visit a multiple number of industries and educate our students on how various products are made and how they are being packaged and sold. This time we are planning to show them how their favorite chocolate, GEMS is made.

We will have with us three teachers and 30 students who will be coming for the industrial visit, hopefully on DD/MM/YYYY. We would be there in your company for a maximum of three hours and would be needing a guide to give us an entire tour of the factory. He can educate us on the ways these products are made from the raw material and then as to how the final product is achieved and packed. If it could be a demonstrated explanation, then it would be, even more, fun for our students of grade seven.

I hope I will receive a positive response from your side. I will be waiting for your reply. For further if any you can contact me on 022-76354288 or my email address at

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Priya Singh.


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