Performance Appraisal Letter, Sample & Format

Performance Appraisal LetterThe management gives a Performance appraisal letter to the employee with regards to his work performance for the past year. It states the findings of the management or the employee’s superior on the employee. There would be words of encouragement as well as motivation for the employee. There may also be pointers for the employee to take note of, for improvement.


Matthew Keeler

Human Resource Director

South River Corporation

February 1, 2011


Patricia D. Randall

South River Corporation

Ms. Patricia D. Randall

RE: Performance Appraisal

This letter serves as a feedback to you for the recent performance evaluation conducted by the management on each staff, in conjunction with the company’s year-end closing for 2010.

The management is pleased to inform you that you achieved a score of 78 out of 105 on the recent performance appraisal. You managed to meet 3 of 4 departmental Key Performance Indices (KPIs) and 3 of 3 personal KPIs, as discussed and agreed at the beginning of 2010.

Your staff respects you as their supervisor, whom they find fair and ethical in your work dealings; however, some would prefer some compassion and flexibility at times from you.

The management acknowledges the feedback you provided during the performance appraisal exercise and will deliberate on the issues where appropriate before reverting to you.

Congratulations on your excellent achievement of the recent performance appraisal.

Keep up your good work!


Matthew Keeler

Human Resource Director

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