Payroll Dispute Letter


A Dispute Letter is written when you do not meet your needs or something damage is done to you. The recipient of the letter can be the manager of a company or a retailer of a shop who sold a product or goods to you or someone who did damage to you. Even though it is a dispute letter it should be a little formal one. You can ask for an alternative or remedy for your damage or loss.

A Payroll Dispute Letter is written to the employer or a business person by someone who hasn’t received his or her wages or payment for the work done. The person represents other members who belong to the same category. The details in the letter should be how many members didn’t receive the payment and how much each member should be paid. As it is your right to take wages for the work you did, you can ask the recipient directly. In the end, mention what action you will take if the recipient failed to pay your wages within given time.

Sample Payroll Dispute Letter:



Assistant Sales Manager,

Cux Communications,


Date: 3/6/2017


Sai Kiran,

The Manager,

Cux Communications,


Dear Sai Kiran,

I am Nikhil working as an Assistant Sales Manager In Cux Communications from the last five years. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have not received my two months salary. As I know our company is not getting enough of income from the past five months but I am doing my job properly and trying my level best for its welfare. As I know the situations in the company I hadn’t complained when I didn’t receive my last month salary, but I didn’t get this month salary too. Even though I am coming to the company regularly and finishing the work I am assigned.

As I am a middle-class person, it is difficult for me to run my family without salary. So I request you to initiate my funds to be credited to my account within a week’s time. Otherwise, I will file a case against the company on the basis of Wages Act 1948 which would result in a heavy loss to the company reputation and also you will pay a huge fine for that. I hope you know how the consequences will be if I do what I just mentioned and I do not want to go to that extent as I am working in your company from five years. So kindly pay me my wages within the given time so that we can have the same healthy relationship as before. I hope I will hear a positive response from you soon which will be in favor of both of us. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely



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