Payment Follow Up Letter


When a product or service is ordered or bought from a showroom with the promise to pay the amount at a later date, it so happens that the customer needs to be reminded regarding the same. This is usually in case of products ordered online or in a bulk amount.

Many times it so happens that a customer does not make payment on time. This may be because they have forgotten about it, it has already been paid, and the computer is not updating, etc. For this purpose, the customer service department of any company or firm usually sends a letter addressed to the client. This letter contains all the details regarding the product or service bought, the order number, the product description, the date of receipt of product or service and invoice and the date of payment of money. This letter is formal and should be worded carefully so as to avoid being rude or coming off as aggressive to the customer as this may adversely affect future business relations of the company and the customer.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample letter for the Payment Follow Up Letter.



Thomas Peters

X Y Z Ltd

1980 Nest Street

Saint Louis, MO 63101





James Hancock

2-11 Hawks Apartments

2247 Washington Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Subject : Payment Follow Up Letter


Dear Sir,

With reference to your order number 22336P 2256, made on DD/MM/YYYY, received by the customer on DD/MM/YYYY, we would like to bring to your kind attention that the total amount due on the order, $250, for the silver iPhone 5S which has not yet been received. The amount is due to be paid on DD/MM/YYYY.

We understand that you may have been busy and this may have slipped your mind and hence this letter is to act as a gentle reminder to you. It is our duty, as a company dedicated to seeing to the comforts of our esteemed customers, to help you remember the date of payment.

In case of late payment of the amount due, an interest of two percent per month will be charged, till the date of actual payment. This interest amount will be added separately in the invoice, if due.

In case the payment has already been made and you feel that this letter has been sent to you by an error on account of our mistake in the accounts, please do inform us so that we can make the necessary changes.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Peters


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